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Legal Education Updates

The past year and a half have been a flurry of activity in legal education! Where better to seed a new paradigm than in law schools?  Some highlights are below. 

In the US, we are pleased to be partnered with Quinnipiac University School of Law which has permanent courses in their curriculum:  the Integrative Law Approach to Negotiation & the accompanying Clinic. 

Since the beginning we have used the courses to train professors for later semesters and for other law schools. We have developed a very exciting well-being mentorship program.  Each student has a well-being pod which meets outside of class. Each week, the groups have a different theme and exercises to consider. At the end of the semester, each student creates a reflective well-being plan which sets out what works for them in caring for their own well-being. 

Sincere thanks go to Dean Jennifer Brown and Associate Dean Carrie Kaas.  We also deeply appreciate our mentors and co-teachers:  Susan Daicoff,  Chuck Kanafi, Kristin Boldt, Brendan Holt,  Rhiannon Thomas, Heather Horton, Christina Loftus, Michael Kasdan, Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, and special congratulations! and gratitude to Kara Perry who now is a fully certified Conscious Contracts professor, having been lead teacher at the Quinnipiac seminar course this year.  Kara will also be teaching a course at Seton Hall in the coming semester.

See also this law review article, the first of several planned case studies about the course at Quinnipiac:

Teaching from the Integrative Paradigm

The Quinnipiac Center on Dispute Resolution established the Project for Integrative Law in Legal Education which was officially launched in December, 2022.  In Summer, 2023, the Project hosted the first Summer Institute on Integrative Law.   The sessions were recorded and can be watched at: 

We’re currently working on plans for a legal education institute in Summer, 2024.

In South Africa, Varsity University has been offering courses in Integrative Law since the middle of the pandemic.  In fall of 2022, Kim led a group of integrative lawyers on a speaking tour of the Varsity campuses, with a few additional campuses added to the itinerary.  Philip Daunt, Tony Zelle, Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, Fernanda Guerra, and Eric Sirotkin shared about different approaches to law practice and social justice.  In addition, Kim spoke to the Southern African Law Teachers conference where she met the dean of the law school at the University of Johannesburg.  UJ is now working on a textbook on integrative law.  An additional book is being written by a group of South African lawyers (including Rhiannon Thomas) and is expected to be published as a textbook.  Several other law schools are exploring integrative curricula, along with a law school in Zambia. 

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Stuffed Elephant as Mascot

The Elephant is our mascot. Around the world, the elephant is a powerful symbol of strength, social bonds, wisdom, dignity, grace, wisdom, confidence, patience, commitment, peace, gentleness, discernment,  intelligence, compassion, collective consciousness, and the removal of obstacles.  This particular elephant is a creative depiction of the Blind Men & the Elephant story. 

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