Reinventing Contracts

Conscious Contracts® is a registered trademark for a process of contract formation. It is consistent with many of the best practices of modern contracts like plain language, design thinking, visuals, but has distinctive elements of its own:
  • The Touchstone helps create the true meeting of the minds among the parties and makes sure there is alignment of purpose and values.
  • The Addressing Change & Engaging Disagreement (ACED Clause) allows the parties to design a sustainable culture including how they will communicate, manage change, engage disagreements and maintain a more conscious culture.
Used on every continent, this model helps to build trust and certainty in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Practitioners are often trained in nonviolent communication, restorative justice, collaborative practice, mediation, and other skills that expand their toolkit and capacity to practice in a new paradigm approach. The concepts are not difficult, but the application may be challenging. Conventional lawyers are not generally trained in such holistic approaches. Integrative lawyers offer the broader perspectives necessary to blend the role of legal advisor and consultant. The approach requires a shift in mindset, toward a more conscious approach to business, and actual living true to the values, more than colorful, aspirational words on the lobby wall.

The conversation about who we are and how we can make the world a better place by working together is baked into the contract.

Created by Susanne van der Meer of Sift Visuals

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Stuffed Elephant as Mascot

The Elephant is our mascot. Around the world, the elephant is a powerful symbol of strength, social bonds, wisdom, dignity, grace, wisdom, confidence, patience, commitment, peace, gentleness, discernment,  intelligence, compassion, collective consciousness, and the removal of obstacles.  This particular elephant is a creative depiction of the Blind Men & the Elephant story. 

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