Integrative Law

There is a vast sea of beliefs and values out there.

Some of us gather because we share similar beliefs, values, and interests.  It doesn’t mean we share all of them.  Sometimes we disagree. 

Integrative law is not a religion.  It is not a belief system.  We have no gurus or prescriptions of what one must believe.  

We are a community of lawyers who are on the same page (or at least in the same book), wanting to engage about topics of interest.

This graphic illustrates the kinds of topics integrative lawyers are interested in. 


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Stuffed Elephant as Mascot

The Elephant is our mascot. Around the world, the elephant is a powerful symbol of strength, social bonds, wisdom, dignity, grace, wisdom, confidence, patience, commitment, peace, gentleness, discernment,  intelligence, compassion, collective consciousness, and the removal of obstacles.  This particular elephant is a creative depiction of the Blind Men & the Elephant story. 

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