Financially Supporting the Integrative Law Movement

The movement is supported by members of the community.
Each contribution goes to promote the stability, visibility and credibility of the movement and to support basic expenses like our Mighty Network group, webhosting, social media management, and the Integrative Lawyers of the World podcast. 
There are two ways of contributing. Pick the one that is a fit for you. 

Patreon - Monthly With Benefits

With Patreon, you can make a monthly contribution and you will receive rewards based on your level of contribution. Renaissance Lawyer Society is our fiscal sponsor for Patreon contributions so they are (US) tax-deductible. Become a Patron!


We are transforming law together

PayPal - One-time Gift

If you just want to make a one-time tax-deductible contribution, the international portal for PayPal may be the way for you to go.
Click to contribute by PayPal!

We are creating financial transparency through Open Collective

Open Collective is a transparent financial management system. As we launch this financial accountability system, we will post contributions from each source and where the funds are going. Renaissance Lawyer Society is our fiscal sponsor for our Open Collective account.

Thanks to our supporters!

We appreciate all our contributors! These patrons contribute over $100 a month through Patreon.

Peacemakers  $100 a month

Peacemakers support the mission and vision.   This level is a commitment to our shared values.

Pota Kaldis