Conscious Business

Conscious Business, like Integrative Law, is a growing movement seeking a new way of doing business that benefits people and the planet.

The “Triple Bottom Line” expands business purpose from solely profit to measuring its impact on society and the environment as well.

Conscious Capitalism is an organization “dedicated to elevating humanity through business.” They believe that business can make a positive impact on the world.

When you're not inspired, you cannot be innovate and you cannot be creative. You are operating in survival mode.

Raj Sisodia is the cofounder of Conscious Capitalism and the author of many books on the subject.

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Stuffed Elephant as Mascot

The Elephant is our mascot. Around the world, the elephant is a powerful symbol of strength, social bonds, wisdom, dignity, grace, wisdom, confidence, patience, commitment, peace, gentleness, discernment,  intelligence, compassion, collective consciousness, and the removal of obstacles.  This particular elephant is a creative depiction of the Blind Men & the Elephant story. 

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