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An integrative lawyer who is working with clients at the end of their life, should be mindful of their client’s state of mind, and how the cognition of mortality can factor into their legal decision making. At a vulnerable time, the client may need additional avenues of support to guide the decision making in a thoughtful and clear manner that achieve the client’s wishes. An integrative lawyer would help the client to establish a support team that often will include a “death doula”. This “doula” is an expert in end-of-life care and can work with the legal and emotional aspect of end of care planning. The end-of-life specialist along with a lawyer, can consciously plan together to meet the clients’ legal needs not only in terms of physical property, but more importantly the intent, emotional management, and the mitigation of pain for the individual. By utilizing integrative tools such as an ethical will and working with experts in palliative care, an integrative lawyer can go beyond the traditional legal approach for the client and create a more comforting environment for clients who are facing end of life decisions.
Palliative Care Institute: Legal Implications of End of Life Choices (Crisman) Palliative Care Presentations – Legal and Professional Considerations Conscious Planning for End of Life: An Integrative Law Approach Rhiannon Thomas – Gently guiding clients through end of life planning | S1 E41 Conscious Planning for End of Life: An Integrative Law Approach (#2) why plan?

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