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Welcome to Integrative Lawyers of the World. It’s time for a new way of practicing law. A way that honors our interconnectedness and values what’s really important, our core values – generosity, integrity, authenticity. If you agree, you are not alone. There is a global integrative law movement that is transformational, impactful, fun. It’s time to grow because the world needs us. So, we are interviewing lawyers from around the world who share their experiences as integrative lawyers. One by one and together we can and we are making a positive impact.   Visit our YouTube Playlist at and our Podcast site at: 

Special Guests

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J. Kim Wright, United States of America

This is a special episode of our Integrative Lawyer’s of the World series. We interview the matriarch of the Integrative Law Movement – J. Kim Wright. She talks with us about connected layers and ripples of integrative legal work around the world, the crossroads we are now at in the legal world, the Integrative Lawyers who inspire her, and redesigning systems to be based on generosity, authenticity, integrity, love, and really taking care of each other.

Series 1 Guests

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Magistrate Gabriela McKellar, South Africa

Magistrate Gabriela McKellar of South Africa discusses her work bringing restorative justice and other integrative law principles and approaches to the court system. She shares how her personal trials and triumphs lead her to champion this important work in her community and the world.

Check out our live stream conversation with Magistrate Gabriela McKellar from South Africa. We discussed her powerful work and her story we collected for the Integrative Lawyers of the World series. 
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Dr. Amar Dhall, Australia

Dr. Amar Dhall talks trauma, conflict, power, and how we can learn from our life experiences to become fully connected leaders and helpers.

Hidden choices, power dynamics, interconnectedness, and success. Dr. Amar Dhall joins us again to talk about topics discussed in his ILOW episode.

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Stu Webb, United States of America

Stu Webb joins us to discuss life, love, and understanding and how connecting fully with ourselves and others can change things. One of the founders of Collaborative Law, Stu shares his wisdom to make a better world.

Stu shared a piece he wrote on finding The Serenity Space.  He also joined us for a live interactive chat to discuss his work from his ILOW episode. Check it out!

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Fernanda Guerra, Brazil

Fernanda Guerra joins us to discuss conscious contracts, integrative law, and learning to be in the now.

Our live discussion with integrative lawyer Fernanda Guerra. We discuss concepts of conscious contracts, integrative law, and learning to be in the now from her Integrative Lawyers of the World episode.

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Nitya Bansal, India

Nitya Bansal shares her search in answering the question “what else can I do?” and her discovery of integrative law and purpose in her legal profession. Find out how the trust that all her needs would be met gave her the confidence to change the direction of her legal career to a place that Is not only better aligned with her true self but with the greater good.

Our open community conversation discussing topics from Nitya’s episode – in particular how powerful it is to align your true self with your profession.

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Klaartje Freeke & Wikke Monster, The Netherlands

Klaartje Freeke and Wikke Monster are giving voice to integrative law in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. They talk with us about the values of integrative law – forgiveness, acceptance, understanding our human connection – as the foundation of their firm and practice which brings integrative law into the court and the corporate world.

Adding to the podcast episode with Klaartje and Wikke, we had a live conversation with integrative lawyers Wikke Monster of The Netherlands and Judge Dan Michaels of Tennessee. Join us as we discuss courtroom design. 

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Kerry Raleigh