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For her book Lawyers as Changemakers, J Kim Wright interviewed a lot of integrative lawyers and found 4 “pillars” of the movement:

  • Integrative Lawyers are reflective.
  • Integrative Lawyers are values and purpose-based.
  • Integrative Lawyers are system and design thinkers.
  • Integrative Lawyers are harbingers of evolutionary consciousness.

She also found that as a movement, we share many values.  Not every value is shared by every lawyer but these are the most common:

  • Compassion & Dignity
  • Happiness & Wellbeing
  • Reuniting Love & Law
  • Creativity
  • Being Inclusive & Humanizing all the Stakeholders in the System
  • Embracing Challenges
  • Being Relational
  • Making the World a Better Place
  • Law as a Spiritual Path
From this mindset, integrative lawyers are changemakers who find or invent new ways of practicing.  One example is the Conscious Contracts model. Practitioners of Restorative Justice, Collaborative Practice, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Legal Design, Holistic Law, Transformative Mediation, and other approaches may also be Integrative Lawyers.
Our mascot is the Integrative Law Elephant.  For many years, Kim carried a stuffed elephant around the world, using it as a teaching tool.  It is an illustration of the parable of the 6 Blind Men and the Elephant.  (Six blind men encountered an elephant for the first time. Each man touched a different part of the elephant:  One man touched the back and said, “an elephant is like a wall”; one man touched the ear and said, “an elephant is like a fan!”   The man who touched the legs said they were like trees; the tusks were like spears; the trunk like a snake; the tail like a rope. They argue about the elephant, not realizing that each is holding a piece of the whole.)  The different ideas of Integrative law are parts of a whole. We may be looking at a part of integrative law – mindfulness practice or values – but we are part of something bigger.
We’ve just launched this site and we’re updating the pages below. They will be filled out more thoroughly later.

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